Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fam Trip 3D2N at A Famosa Resort Malacca

Hye & Salam 1 Malaysia!!Entry kali ni just nak share dgn you all untuk inbound in charge khalifakota, Cik.Aqilah Abd Rahim, akan ikut FAM TRIP ke A Famosa Resort Melaka. Tapi kami pergi berdua. Boleh hilangkan serba sedikit stress. hehe. Jom!!

Start for Villa & Apartment Inspection

Aqilah & Fara 

Not list but not last, dapat kawan baru,hehe..Lagi pun yang attend ada dari Jb, Singapore and KL confirm2 ade..huhu..So guys, mmg best kat A Famosa ni. Boleh buat honeymoon. Hehe.Buybyeeee dear..

Again 4D3N at Saigon Vietnam 30-03 December 2012

36pax semua lelaki and 01 leader,totally sorang je perempuan,mmg mencabar..huhu..

Thanks kpd Felda Trading group sebab sudi memilih kami di khalifakota travel sebagai perjalanan kamu semua ya.Kalau ada trip lagi kami sedia untuk berkhidmat,ewaaahh...Again, tq so much..
So readers, that's all and we proceed to another trip..muahh!!

Asian Water Sports Village at Puchong

Asian Water Sports Village (AWSV) is founded, supported and operated by a group of water sports enthusiasts and professionals whose passion is to make water sports as accessible as possible to everyone!
The Only Licensed Water Sports Center within Klang Valley
Since our establishment as the The Only Licensed Water Sports Center within Klang Valley, you do not need to travel far (save time and money!) to enjoy water sports that used to be available only at Port Dickson, Phuket or Bali! Operating at one of the hugest lake in town (200 acres), our Private Beach is also a perfect haven for an outdoor lakeside hangout.
“Play All You Can” & “Unlimited Rides”
We revolutionize the water sports industry by bringing into your mind the concepts of “Play All You Can” & “Unlimited Rides”! Satisfy yourself with our unlimited rides packages at unbelievable price!
New and Never-Before Rides
Being the authorized distributor for BRP Seadoo Towable Tubes in Malaysia and Singapore, we bring in the finest, latest and hottest water sports rides  from the US and Canada! Be the first to enjoy the new and never-before rides here at Asian Water Sports Village!
Safety is Priority
We work as hard as we can so that you can play as hard as you can! Safety is of paramount importance here! We make sure all the personnel are well equipped and trained (Aquatic Rescue, First Aid & CPR), the vehicles are all properly maintained (complies with US Coast Guard Guidelines) to make your experience as safe as it can be! So, your job is just to have fun!
Some of pic..

Visit Saigon Vietnam, 13-16 November 2012

Hye readers!!please update with our new group to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh), from Pakatan Akitek Group!!Come to see a few of our moments..

Like this view..

Samsudin restaurant

Seriously cant wait to eat!!

Night market..

Chi Chi tunnel here we come!!


So, there is some of our moments in Saigon,Vietnam. Totally mmg enjoy giler dengan group ni!!Thanks to all sbb sudi beri kerjasama sewaktu pergi dan pulang juga semasa disana..Hrp dpt berjumpa lagi di masa akan datang!!

P/s: Readers, wait for the next entry!!